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Register your car for the show n shine..

If you wish to enter your vehicle for the show n shine you will need to pre-register your car. Places will be limited and reserved solely for vehicles that fall into our Preferred Vehicles class.

The judges will be pre-judging the vehicles for RTTS 24

with only 150 spaces up for grabs. 

Run to the Sun Newquay RTTS Car Show Cornwall

Photo: Steve Wright

Show n Shine Entry Form

Fill the form below and submit.

All accepted Vehicles will be entered in to the below categories by default -

+ Best in Show

+ Spirit of the Show Award (aka The Finnegan Cup)

+ Peoples Choice Award (chosen by the people)

+ Best interior

+ Best paint

In addition to the above, all applicants must select two of the below categories to be judged in..


+ Best Custom

+ Best Hood ride (Sleepers, Slammed, Rats)

+ Best Daily Driver (Used Daily - Not for the weekend Warriors.)

+ How The Hell (For the Wildest Ride Driven to the show against all odds.)

+ Coolest VW (The VW that makes the most impact on the judges.)

+ Coolest American (The American that makes the most impact on the judges.)

Coolest Non VW/American (The Non VW/American that makes the most impact on the judges.)

Thanks for registering.

Upload the best photos of your ride,
inside and out, including build photos if any.
Upload one image file and then hit the submit button..
repeat until finished.

File formats accepted: .jpg .jpeg .png
max individual file size 10mb.




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