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For RTTS 23
we introduced a new set of Vehicle Rules
as we built the event around the cars that were there in the early years.

These new rules worked well and we will continue with them for RTTS 24. 

If you do not have a Preferred Vehicle then you are still more than welcome to attend RTTS, you will either need to purchase a General Camping ticket, or if you are staying in camper van (that does not fall in to the Preferred Vehicle Class) then you can get a Modern Camper Van ticket.


PREFERRED VEHICLES are defined as below: 

All air-cooled VWs
Any T25s
Custom Cars Pre 1980
Hot Rods Pre 1980
Classics Pre 1980
This also includes any modern vehicle towing a classic/custom. 


For any camper van that does not meet the above requirements. Such as T4s, T5s and T6s. 
These tickets will be limited and sold on a First come First served basis. 


The show n shine will be open to the Preferred Vehicles only. 


We reserve the right to refuse entry to Attendees that book a Preferred Vehicle ticket and turn up in something else (breakdowns excluded).

Air-cooled Volkswagens on show at RTTS Show n Shine Run to the Sun Newquay
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